Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dr. McDougall on at

Lifestyle Magazine is a TV show that airs on TBN.  It is usually on at weird hours, so I always set my recorder to record the show.

Dr. McDougall is often a co-host on the show when medical topics are discussed.  But most of the shows I see are fairly old.  I was excited to see a recent episode concerning the Oregon MS trials, because Dr. McDougall's association with this study is fairly recent, as is his cooperation with Dr. Bourdette, who was a guest on a recent show.  That means that some of his recent work may be on soon (including my own appearance on the show).  I know that Dr. McDougall has hosted many very interesting guests, and that the shows have already been taped.  Hopefully the more modern shows will be airing soon.

For those who don't get TBN, or can't record it, the shows are available for viewing at their website,  To view Dr. Bourdette's appearance with Dr. McDougall, see here:

Dr. Bourdette is supervising the clinical trials concerning MS and diet at the Oregon medical school.  The results should be available soon, and rumors are strong that they will be very positive.

The hosts of this show are a really nice couple, and I also enjoy some of their episodes on topics like marriage.  They approach everything from a Christian point of view, but many of their episodes would be of interest, I think, to everybody.  Check it out.