Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Healthy Lifestyle Forum
An idle mind is a dangerous thing.  I have been thinking about how the McDougall Board differed from the forum that Farley and I would like to belong to.  We are interested in focusing on people who are really committed to changing their lifestyle, and people who have already done so and want to help spread the word.

While browsing forum software, I spotted a cyber Monday deal that is probably too good to be true.   I don't want to give particulars until I am convinced that it is not a scam.  Buts right now I have a forum up and running, although the service seems slow.

But if anybody would like to drop in and register, I am interested in what people would like to see.  If what we decide becomes popular enough to warrant improved performance, we will do that.  I am really interested in exploring common ground amount our hero plant food docs, and sponsoring a place where controversial ideas may be discussed courteously.   I paid for the year, so if the hosting company stays afloat, this should be a fun adventure.

Friday, November 25, 2011

An offer you can't refuse

Dr. Fuhrman’s Holiday Challenge

Dr. Fuhrman is currently running a Holiday Challenge, which includes a free six week Gold Membership package at his website.  The details are here:

Anybody  who is unfamiliar with Dr. Fuhrman’s website should take advantage.  I pay for my Gold Membership, and it has been an extremely worthwhile investment.  After you sign up, one of the first places to check out are the archives of his past teleconferences with members:

One of my favorite talks is his Aug. 13, 2008 talk about curtailing overeating.  I like this one because the concept of overeating and toxic hunger has been responsible for me reaching even better levels of health than I have in the last four years.  
I was very successful on the program designed for me by Jeff Novick - reversing heart disease and diabetes and obesity, just to name a few of the problems I solved.  Yet I was still heavier than I thought I should be, even though I was totally adherent over three years plus.  Farley observed, as did I, that I ate dramatically larger portions and more often than did she.  Dr. McDougall had observed people like me and called them volume eaters.  However, he did not treat this problem in depth, and I was unable to solve the problem with what he wrote.  That changed when I started reading what Dr. Fuhrman had to say about toxic hunger.
In the teleconference above, Dr. Fuhrman begins by saying that he has probably been responsible for leading people to believe that they could eat as much as they cared to so long as they restricted themselves to healthy foods.  Some people, like Farley, can eat as much as they like, but not me.
Dr. Fuhrman explains the problem and the solution in that teleconference.  Anybody interested in this concept should also have his Eat to Live book, but for those who do not, he explains in detail about toxic hunger in his website here:
This information was very important to me in getting to an even healthier weight.  I would recommend it especially to anybody who thinks that they have a problem with the volume and/or frequency of what they eat.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Board - Old Board

This post concerns why I decided to host my own BB rather than continue at the McDougall Board.  By now, everybody who wanted to know has had the chance to read it, and it is time to remove the entry.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hot Curried Lentils

Hi, Farley here.

Getting cold here.  Today it is very windy and the temperature is a mere 68.  Sounds hot to many of you I'm sure but in Sacramento the weather is taking a real turn to even lower temps and rain in a day or two with snow in the Sierras.  That is always my signal to make something spicy.  So off the top of my head I made a very tasty Hot Curried Lentils.  It's just a variation of many dal type soups I like to make.  But this time I had a new unopened jar of Penzeys Spices, Hot Curry Powder (and many other spices) I shipped back from Wisconsin during my trip there a few weeks ago.  Here's what I did:


3 cups red lentils rinsed
1 container of Pico De Gallo Salsa (consists of chopped tomatoes, jalapeƱo pepper, cilantro and onion)
4 ribs of celery sliced
1 large yellow bell pepper diced
2 TBS Penzeys Hot Curry Powder
1 tsp Penzeys Cumin Powder
pinch of Penzeys Cayenne Pepper
6 cups of water (more if it is sticking)
1/2 cup Zinfandel wine or other red wine

Place everything into a slow cooker, heat on "high" for 3 hours or more.

Note:  Any brand of spices are fine, I just love the big flavors of Penzeys.

We served this over our usual greens of spinach and romaine, brown rice with steamed green beans and cauliflower.  I prefer to just enjoy the dal with the cauliflower.  Bob liked it with all the above items.  Anyway you enjoy it, it will warm you all the way through, give you leftovers and the satisfaction of eating something truly healthy.  Freezes well too.

 My first bowl of this curry had a lot of cauliflower...this was all that was left when I had my second bowl and thought to take a photo. The sweetness of the barely steamed cauliflower is a great companion to the heat of the curry.  This is one time that I don't need to add Tobasco!

Bob's bowl with the works.  This is a very filling meal.  Bob also added walnuts as a topper.

I would serve this for a dinner party and add separate bowls of chopped green onions, chopped walnuts and golden raisins for guests to add as toppings.