Monday, November 28, 2011

A New Healthy Lifestyle Forum
An idle mind is a dangerous thing.  I have been thinking about how the McDougall Board differed from the forum that Farley and I would like to belong to.  We are interested in focusing on people who are really committed to changing their lifestyle, and people who have already done so and want to help spread the word.

While browsing forum software, I spotted a cyber Monday deal that is probably too good to be true.   I don't want to give particulars until I am convinced that it is not a scam.  Buts right now I have a forum up and running, although the service seems slow.

But if anybody would like to drop in and register, I am interested in what people would like to see.  If what we decide becomes popular enough to warrant improved performance, we will do that.  I am really interested in exploring common ground amount our hero plant food docs, and sponsoring a place where controversial ideas may be discussed courteously.   I paid for the year, so if the hosting company stays afloat, this should be a fun adventure.

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