Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Back to the Future

For the last year, this blog has been inactive while we tried out a bulletin board concept.  The bulletin board had pluses and minuses, but in the end, we are going back to the blog.  The big advantages of the blog are the relative lack of spam and expense.  What we will miss is the more free interchange of ideas on the bulletin board.  To that end, I would like to invite others to become authors here at this blog.

Being an author does not require any commitment - it just allows the author to write posts here, as opposed to comments.  The posts can be as long as you like and contain pictures and links.  One spectacular success at the bulletin board was Cyn, who really tightened up her eating and achieved great success despite being stuck in her progress for a long time.  I hope that one of her first posts here will summarize her experiences.

But blog entries here can be on any subject you like if related somehow to a healthy lifestyle.  My lifestyle these days includes a lot of home renovation work, and I am off to pick up some siding for my house, so enough for today.

One thing to consider for any readers here - it has been questioned whether this blog should be public so that anybody could view it, or private so that posters could post more freely.  I can see advantages to both approaches and wonder what readers/participants might prefer.  The blog has always been public, which allows everybody access to the information.  We have had a few abusive comments however, and a private blog would solve that.  I could screen for legit members and that would not be too hard.  OTOH, we might miss out on some great members who would have no way to know about a private blog, so what do you think?

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