Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Interesting Post over at McDougall Board

Jim just started a thread about the holidays over on the McDougall board. I have to confess that I posted a pretty negatively charged reply. Seriously, I cannot deal with the holidays this year, I just can't. I wish I could pull the covers up over my head and not come out until sometime in January.


  1. All I can say, Cyn, is...

  2. I can't find a way to pm Bob via this blog, so I'm posting this comment in hopes that Bob finds it...

    Bob (or anyone who can answer this!), is there a way to subscribe to this blog using a blog reader like google reader? (without becoming a member of google+, since that seems to be a way for google to track even more of your life :)).

  3. Lots of love and hugs coming your way, Cyn.

    TM, I've wondered the same question. He asked me to become an author, but I really don't want to have a google account, gmail, etc. if I can help it. I don't think there is a way to PM Bob here, but try sending him a PM over on his board.

  4. Cyn,
    Sorry you are having a rough time. At one time I think we discussed the book The Presence Process. Good chance it would help IMO.

    Right now I think that anybody can view the blog. Myself, I don't worry too much about google. I think that our big problem is not google bot ourselves and our addictions to unhealthy habits. If the blog helps that, I like my chances with google. I think that so many people worry about things that do not impact their lives while they do not deal with what is really important that dramatically impacts their daily lives. If I were coaching you, it would be to think first last and always to get the SAD food out of yor life until it was habit.

    1. Bob,
      Yes, you did mention that book. I bought a copy and started reading it, but set it aside because it really wasn't making any sense to me, and because it seems like the book needs more concentration and time than I am able to give it right now. Maybe I'll pick it up again when things are less intense. Right now I feel like there really isn't anything that will make this feel any better. I'm losing my sister, and, honestly, I don't even WANT to be OK with that. So either the holidays will suck because she will already be gone, or else they will suck because they will be the last ones we get to spend with her. The only way I can deal is by not thinking about it any more than I can help.I feel unable to "work on it" right now; maybe when it is over, but not right now.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts, though.

  5. Bob, you are correct that anyone can view the blog regardless of whether they have an account with google. I was asking a different question-- whether the blog allows you to enable any blog subscription services besides google plus. By subscribing to the blog, people who have blog reader services installed (like me) can read all our blogs in one place. It's a convenience thing.

    My reluctance to join google plus is not an issue of convenience, but rather comes from a concern about fundamental privacy from corporate interests and government surveillance. With each layer of convenience provided by services like google comes a loss of privacy, so i try to weigh the benefits vs cons when signing up for something. It's not a view everyone shares of course, but for me , my personal "inalienable right to privacy" as equal in importance to my health.

    Not trying to turn this into a discussion about privacy -- thats not what your blog is about, of course. i just wanted you to know that my question came from a totally different "place" than you had thought