Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Spreading the good news

Farley told me an interesting story.  She was shopping yesterday and one of the sales ladies turned out to be a former high school classmate of hers.  As they caught up, she mentioned that her husband had suffered some sad health events - a stroke and a heart attack.  Although he is doing better now, he still has problems.

Farley told her my experience.  She had never heard of Dr. McDougall or Dr. Esselstyn or any of the plant based docs that we love so much.  Now she knows.  I hope that this will be her and her husband's luck day much as it was for me when I found out that I didn't have to put up with lousy health.

Helping people in person is really enjoyable.  Helping people online is also enjoyable except  there seems to be more than a few people that are not interested in getting better and resent those who do. Still, it is great when just a single person decides to really do what is necessary to get better.  Many of the people we have talked to have themselves spread the word with some success.  That is what it is going to take, because I do not see the government or the medical establishment leading the way.  My own cardiologist was totally disinterested in what I had done to reverse my heart disease once it was determined that I did not need heart surgery, which is really not that surprising.  Mark Twain once observed that you can't convince a man against his salary, and too many salaries depend on the status quo.  That is why we have to spread the good word that our health is really in our own hands for the most part.


  1. Enjoyable post, excellent as always. Hard to believe that some people haven't heard of the plant based docs and yet - I dare say my husband would say that also. Not that I wouldn't talk about them a LOT given a chance, but he doesn't want to hear it. Sigh..... I sure hope Farley's friends give this WOE a chance.

  2. Angela,
    So many people have not heard about the miracle of the plant based diet. Our loacal college orchestra has just two trumpets, Brandon being a young man and the newest addition and a fine musician. I found out that he is vegetarian and remarked that we might be the only vegetarian trumpet section around. But when we discussed our reasons, he had never heard of any of the plant based docs except Dr. Campbell, who wrote The China Study. Relatively few people are in the know about this.

  3. Hi,Bob,
    Yes, it still amazes me that more people aren't clued in on this. And how many who hear about it respond with "I could NEVER do that!" But, I had never heard of it, either, until I did some web searching. I got here from Atkins, via Doug Graham's 80-10-10 plan, and several others. Talk about a roundabout journey! And, like most of us here, I only got here because I was looking for a more natural way of addressing obesity, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes. Treating the symptoms, rather than going after the roots of the problem, did not make sense; and I'm one of those annoying patients who gets all the worst side effects (for which, of course, there are still more pills!). I'm so happy and grateful to be living this live, now. I just wish I had found out about it forty years ago....

  4. I found out after my heart disease diagnosis. I was looking for the best treatment and was blown away by dr. Esselstyn's site. My wife drove to get the book that day, and here I am. My docs here were totally unaware.