Sunday, March 6, 2011

A great lecture on weight loss

One of the best nutritional websites is that of the Vegetarian Society of Hawaii.  They maintain a library of guest lectures from their regular meetings.  In that library you will find lecture from many brilliant people.  The lectures can be viewed live with a high speed connection or can be downloaded for you to watch whenever on your own computer.

I periodically check the new lectures that are posted.  In doing so, I found a wonderful recent lecture on weight loss.

"Weight Loss without Hunger" by Elaine French

The presenter is familiar with Dr. McDougall and Dr. Lisle and is familiar with the concepts of calorie density as taught by Jeff Novick.  She is particularly good explaining why, for weight loss, things like smoothies, rice cakes, tortillas and tortilla chips, bread, crackers, etc. are going to prevent weight loss.  It's a great lecture for anybody concerned about weight loss.  Take a look.


  1. Thanks Bob. I usually watch their videos. Hadn't watch that one yet. Did last night, really enjoyed it. Very informative, would like to have some others watch it,but I have offered same a book and they didn't want it. So will keep quite for now.
    Thanks Lucille

  2. I just ran across that lecture as well. Excellent!! Lots of good info.