Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cabernet Roasted Red Potatoes with Vegetables

This is a recipe developed by my wife, Farley. It tastes great

Cabernet Roasted Red Potatoes with Vegetables

In a large bowl mix the following:

2 lbs Red potatoes chopped
2 Large portobello mushrooms chopped
1 Red onion chopped
1 Yellow or orange bell pepper chopped
1 Can of low sodium Red Kidney Beans rinsed and drained

All the veggies to be chopped in large bite-sized pieces

3 cloves of minced garlic
1 TBS each of dried ground basil and thyme or a little more if desired
ground pepper to taste

Add about 1/2 c of Cabernet and toss (no oil/no salt vegetable broth works also)
Place in a large roasting dish with high sides
Roast in oven at 375 and cook for at least 60 minutes
About half-way through roasting check to see if it's drying out...if so add more wine.

Serve on bed of brown rice and chopped greens


  1. Another addition to this recipe:

    I've found that steaming an additional vegetable to be served on top of all that is delicious. Bob and I have particularly liked steamed green beans added. But zucchini, cauliflower, broccoli or any other of your favorites work also.

  2. Farley, I have a dumb question. Can you steam vegetables until they are done or are they always going to be a bit crispy? I had a steamer many years ago and gave it away because I just didn't like crispy Brussels sprouts and potatoes. I'm also wondering if I couldn't just use my pressure cooker to steam vegetables..... but I know the timer would be a nice feature.

  3. Mrs. D, our new steamer has been cooking pretty much everything perfectly. I've just made a few notes of time adjustments for it on the cooking guide that came with it. If anything I have to watch for over cooked. You shouldn't be getting still crisp, steamed veggies. You can also purchase a traditional Japanese bamboo steamer basket to put over your largest pan or pot. I had been using the steamer tray that came in our smaller rice cooker...it just didn't make enough. Bob could down it's contents in one sitting. So this 3-tiered steamer is just the ticket.

    The pressure cooker would certainly work and quickly too. You might have to just experiment with that one until you get the right timing. I would think Brussels sprouts would cook thoroughly in a flash. I'd love to know how that works for you.

    This is indeed one more thing on my counter. Two rice cookers (I use the smaller one as the main slow cooker), the veggie steamer, a microwave and a toaster/convection oven. Then of course the built-in oven. Yeah, it's a little crowded:-)

  4. These are the BEST Potatoes and roasted vegetables that I have ever eaten. I make these every week as a double batch. I also put the roasted corn from Trader Joes in the pan. Thank you for sharing.


  5. Linda,
    We are glad you enjoyed the recipes. I share your opinion of this dish, and never let too much time go by before I am requesting it again. Another benefit is that there are almost always leftovers, and the dish keeps quite well.

  6. Yep! I love these as well. Except my red wine is Merlot! And then a glass to "go with"!

  7. this recipe sounds great but what can i sub for the wine. for me its against the word of wisdom . thanks.

  8. Hi Monica and welcome! So glad you found us. You can easily substitute the wine with a prepared low sodium, oil-free vegetable broth. Just read the label carefully and be sure there is no oil, dairy (you'd be surprised what mfrs sneak in) and low sodium. A rule of thumb when reading the nutrition panel regarding sodium is this: look at the amount of calories per serving, then note the sodium content per serving. The sodium should not exceed the calories.