Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hans Diehl

I notice that some of the hits on my blog are from sites with which I am unfamiliar.  One of them is the CHIPS site, and I checked it out.  http://www.coschip.com/  Great site, and they reference an upcoming visit by Dr. Hans Diehl.  Dr. Diehl was one of the speakers on the recent TV taping, and I had the privilege of watching his interview.  He was very impressive, and I hope that everybody will get a chance to see his interview.  He is yet another doctor who has courage and ethics to be treating people with what works.  His specialty is near and dear to my heart - coronary artery disease.

The only thing that I notice is that his claims seem to be very modest in comparison with what I have achieved.  My own cholesterol has gone from 292 to 139 unmedicated, and my bad LDL cholesterol has gone from 212 to 39 unmedicated.  Both of these changes blew my own physician away.  He has never seen such drops, even with medication.  I am not sure of the details of Dr. Diehl's program, but it has to be doing people good, and he has to be on the right track for Dr. McDougall to be interviewing him on his TV show.

It just seems to me that a critical mass has been achieved with respect to lifestyle medicine.  What Dr. McDougall has been saying for so many years and is starting to echo through concerned and caring people.  We are seeing very public people, like Bill Clinton, becoming aware of the power of lifestyle medicine.  We are seeing my generation approach the age where a lifetime of dietary error is becoming apparent.  My generation was always one to question authority, and this can work in our favor.
Nov. 11
Janice below provided a link to some of the CHIPs recipes if anybody wants to view them.  They are here: http://blogs.e-rockford.com/thehword/category/chip-recipes/
The recipes do contain oil, which is not allowed in the recommendations of Drs. McDougall and Esselstyn.  I would like to learn more about CHIPs and the results that they are achieving and how those compare to what is seen with Drs. E and M.


  1. I can heartily agree -- what a great speaker! I bought the online version of the most recent Advanced Study Weekend. I think the CHIPS program, if I remember correctly, is a bit more moderate than yours. Getting more people to jump in is the goal -- with lots of support. He has a very successful program in Rockford, Illinois, just about an hour from my house. And I never knew about it!

  2. Thanks for info and comment, Cyndy. I know that there is a debate within the healthy lifestyle community as to just how much change to advocate. Everybody agrees what is optimal, but the question is, what will people do.

    My own decision when faced with heart disease was go for the max. But I do know many people who would rather go for surgery or drugs because they think that what I do is too hard. I think that is sad, because I now find my own program not only easy, but very tasty. Anybody who tried it for 30 days would feel that way.

  3. I've been watching the effects of moderation and pills and procedures in my own extended family for years. At least, in those cousins and aunts and uncles who don't die of their first coronary event. After a while they can't put any more stents into coronary arteries, and when they clog off that sort of ends things and surgery is required. If the kidneys can handle the surgery, that is.

    Imagine a therapy that addresses all the coronary artery problems caused by plaque buildup. Then imagine that this same therapy blows diabetes and obesity out of the picture too. What a wonderful thing that would be!

    Thank you for this blog, SactoBob. Now I can send links to it to my relatives! (wiggly eyebrow guy goes here)

  4. Hi all!
    I spend about half my time in Rockford, Illinois and the other half in northern Wisconsin.
    Hans Diehl and CHIP have had an enormous impact on the Rockford area. There are thousands of CHIP alums who have fabulous stories to tell about healing and removing medications. Virtually all local restaurants have several CHIP items on their menus. The local newspaper's website
    posts an impressive array of CHIP recipes.
    Just go the website, scroll down to the box listing the blogs, click on the blog entitled
    The H word
    Then in the blog on the right look for
    Recipes by category and click on CHIP recipes.
    There are lots of them and many are good.

    I have been lurking on the DrMcDougall website for a few weeks, following the guidelines and have release 19 pounds!
    Bob---I will be following your blog too!

  5. Janice, I believe that there is a CHIPs presence in the Sacramento area, but to date I have not seen any changes in restaurants. Of course, I am the last one to comment because I seldom do restaurants for that very reason. It would be great to know which restaurants are interested in what I consider to be healthy food. I hope that Chips can be a part of the solution to that problem. I'll check out that website.

  6. Janice, I checked out that rrstar site, but I can't recommend it. Drs. McDougall, Esselstyn, etc. are quite firm on the idea that things like tuna, chicken, olive oil, etc. are not part of a healthy everyday diet, even if these recipes are an improvement upon what people usually eat.

    If you are investigating Dr. McDougall's site, I'm sure that you will discover this. So although I commend the notion to eat healthy, I, and I am sure any followers of the doctors whose advice I follow, would not recommend these menus. Are all these foods part of CHIPs?

  7. No, Bob, The CHIP program is absolutely vegetarian, and recommends Vegan. I went to one of the CHIP summits for training, and helped with 2 complete programs doing the food each night. Meat and dairy is not part of the program and never has been.

  8. Bob--
    Maybe I was not clear on which recipes are CHIP.
    If you go to the blog--The H Word---those are not CHIP recipes, but if you go to that blog and then scroll down to recipes by category and then click on the 2nd line down---CHIP--you get CHIP recipes. Some do have a bit of oil, but other than that, they can be adapted to work.
    Try clicking on this for a shortcut to get there.

  9. Thanks for clarifying, Lilliane, and for the link, Janice. The actual link can't be clicked upon as is. I think that it needs to be selected, and then designated as a URL in the editor. I think that I can edit posts and will try to do it myself for you.

    Those recipes are much closer to what Drs. McDougall and Esselstyn would recommend, but still almost every recipe has oil or some richer ingredient,such as fake meat etc. But for those who have trouble adopting what Dr. Esslestyn recommends, they are much better than standard American fare. I do wonder why the oil is included, since I think that Dr. Esselstyn's studies show that it is particularly harmful.

    I am thinking of doing a book review on Dr. E's Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, and linking some of his lectures. I found those very important and compelling when dealing with my own heart disease. But I recognize that some people who are threatened with heart disease won't accept as drastic a change as recommended by Dr. E.

  10. Well, I can't edit somebody else's comment, which is probably a good thing. And it looks like the comment editor does not allow for the posting of links. Perhaps also a good thing to avoid spam. But it is not hard to block the link and put it into the address bar. Thanks again for the link, Janice. It would be interesting to see what sort of results the CHIPs program gets with their more "lenient" recommendations for diet. I wonder how those compare with Dr. Esselstyn achieved in his study. If anybody knows about this, I would appreciate a link.

  11. SactoBob---
    You might check here--