Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A healthy lunch

In the last entry, I reviewed the West Bend Programmable Steamer.  Here is a picture of todays lunch which was created with the steamer and our rice cooker.  Both were set to finish at the same time.

Lunch consisted of a bed of rice with greens, which we often use as a base for meals.  The edge of the plate was surrounded with steamed small potatoes.  The vegetables (carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, zucchini) were heaped on top.  We like lunches that are colorful, as is this.


  1. When you set this up to cook for later, do any of the vegetables discolor? If so, is it a concern? Just wondering what effect oxidation would have sitting all day. I would have this sitting 8 hours or so, in order to have the food cooked when I get home. Just wondering out loud...


  2. Naomi, I haven't left it for 8 hours before cooking so I can't answer that completely. I have left the veggies for a good 4+ hours before it begins to cook with no problem. With this cooker it does keep the food warm for an additional 1 hour before automatically shutting off. We've come home to that and I just either start the warming process again or nuke the cooked veggies in the microwave to speed things up and it still tastes great. I haven't worried about the veggies sitting out for that span of time.

    If you are working 8 hour days then perhaps the steamer would be a great answer for your days off and a slow cooker to take care of the workdays for you when you want something prepared in advance.