Saturday, November 6, 2010

A TV personality? Hardly.

I am flying to Los Angeles tomorrow, and will be appearing Monday on Lifestyle Magazine with Dr. McDougall.  This is a TV show aired on TBN.  Dr. McDougall is a co-host of the program.  I was very honored that he asked me to appear.  I don't know when the show will air, or even what I will be talking about, but I am excited to help and to see Dr. McDougall again. 

Dr. McDougall is one of my heroes because he is one of a group of fantastic health professionals who really saved my life.  I plan to post my list of heroes soon with some links so folks can see what these amazing people have to say.  Another future post will cover some of the tools that we have found very helpful to this healthy lifestyle.  Our most recent tool is the West Bend steamer, which steams in impressive amount of veggies and has a very useful timer.  It is turning into an every day tool


  1. I am so proud of Bob and his huge changes he has made for his health. These changes have been like the pebble in the pond with it's wonderful benefits rippling out to cover so many improvements in our daily life and longterm outlook. I'm excited for him being asked by Dr. McDougall to appear on his program. Can't wait to see it.

    This steamer Bob is talking about is my latest best kitchen friend. Imagine a 3-tier steamer with red potato wedges in the first basket, fat green and yellow wax beans on the second and chopped orange bell peppers and tomatoes on the top. This beauty has a timer so if I am steaming veggies that all need the same amount of cook time, I can place the water and veggies ahead of time in the steamer, set the timer for when I want the meal done and then forget about it. It also continues to warm the food for an hour after the cooking stops. Bob and I have gotten into birding. So before we set out in the morning I get the brown rice going in it's steamer, the veggies set to go in their steamer and maybe some chili in the slow cooker and we have a delicious meal waiting for us when we get back. Just be sure you don't have them all working on the same circuit! Last night I had the toaster oven, microwave, rice cooker and veggie steamer all going at once...oops.

  2. Can't wait to see the show. And can't wait for Farley recipes, Mrs. D told me you were going to put some up. =)

  3. Farley, it always costs me money when you talk about kitchen appliances! I don't have space for a steamer though.

    Maybe I should get rid of some of my plastic containers and start making room for my new steamer.

  4. Yaaayyyy! This will be a wonderful support and wealth of information and tips for the growing hoardes of people you have introduced to this healthy lifestyle!

    And, yes!, I can see another appliance in my future too! LOL!

    Farley - maybe your chili recipe should be first up!