Thursday, November 4, 2010

Living the McDougall Lifestyle with SactoBob & Farley

Thanks to my friend, Mrs. Doodlepunk, I have finally taken the plunge and started blogging.  I will focus here primarily on lifestyle, and in particular, the teaching of John McDougall, M.D.  My lifestyle since Jan. 2008, has reversed serious heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, chronic kidney stones and sinus infections and chronic pain syndrome.

I have enjoyed discussing the McDougall lifestyle on Dr. McDougall's website discussion group.  However, the bulletin board concept comes with some limitations and frustrations that I wish to avoid.  I would like to continue discussing Dr. McDougall's teachings in this blog.  It should be fun, and it would be great if I could help others to realize the benefits that I have received, and for which I am so grateful.

For anyone interested in how I acquired my formerly serious health problems, and how I reversed them, please start would be with a medical summary submitted at Dr. McDougall's website.  The address is here:

The above link contains a fairly complete description of how my heart disease was diagnosed, and how I avoided the recommended surgery.  Dr. McDougall's commentary is vitally important for anybody who is contemplating a bypass or stent procedure.


  1. I'm so glad you started this sweetheart. I'm your first "follower".

  2. I got here from a Facebook link! What a nice idea.

  3. thanks for starting this blog! Also got here from your FB link!

  4. Glad to have found you. I too came by way of FB.

  5. Thanks for letting me know you're here! (nomikins)