Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Comments welcome, and now easy

As I take my baby steps as a blogger, I am trying to learn how to make this a great blog for those interested in the healthy lifestyle as taught by such great people as Dr. McDougall, Jeff Novick, Caldwell Esselstyn, Douglas Lisle, Neal Barnard, and all my heroes.

I have modified the default settings of the blog so that anybody can comment without any registration or login (I hope).  So feel free to leave comments or questions or suggestions.  I will try to to keep this going so long as I don't encounter excessive spam or abuse in the comments.  But constructive comments are very welcome and I will try my best to answer questions or suggest places to look for those questions that I can't answer.


  1. Hi Bob - it's luvoatmeal here - I'm so glad you have made it easy to comment. And I love your blog!

    Now, please tell Mrs. Doodlepunk that luvie wants it easy to post a comment on her blog too!

  2. Hi luvoatmeal. I will tell Mrs. D how I allowed all comments without registration. Thanks for dropping by.

  3. Hi Bob! I just found you, and I'm glad you have a blog! I am looking forward to reading more. You have great insights, and great advice.

    (frozenevg on the McD site)

  4. I'm glad that you found us, Cloudy, and hope that you enjoy the blog. Feel free to help us with our direction with comments or suggestions. I'm hoping that this could be a valuable supplement to the McDougall Board.

  5. More photos. This I think is especially the case when it comes to food blogs. The picture of the steamer was fabulous with all those colourful veggies. This I think can only help promote the wonderful message you have.



  6. Pete,
    I agree on the photos. I am finally getting with it with a Picasa album, so I have a way to easily link in photos. I want to do a short post on breakfast with photos. I also want to put up some before and after pictures of my wife and I. People always like that sort of thing. And my food is now so colorful compared to the bad old days - so this style of eating does lead to colorful photos. No more white food, except something like cauliflower.

  7. I have only a moment to drop in and say HI, and wish you success in "spreading the word" with your blog. Have you transferred your Star McDougaller story here, or provided something similar? Very powerful information--esp. for those who are meeting you here for the first time, or are new to this type of eating and lifestyle.
    See you later!

    CLARY, from the McDougall Board.
    PS. I couldn't figure out how to do the "Comment as/URL:" requirement to be able to post, so I just chose "Anonymous".

  8. I started McDougalling in January 2011 and spend hours reading old posts. When I realized you and Mrs Doodlepunk where no longer posting, I felt really cheated. You both have great info to share. So now I'm glad I found your blog ...I won't feel so deprived. I've tried to get an invite to Mrs Doo, but so far, I can't access her blog. So glad you're enjoying life...good for you and your family...Gypsy on McD...Sharon

  9. Sharon,
    I forwarded your request to Mrs. D. Welcome to the blog, and feel free to post any questions. It's nice to hear from you. From the McD board, I see that you are doing great. Keep it up - this works for life.

  10. Hi Sactobob, Okay i am still having trubs posting comments and well this is a test here... but anyway

    IF you see this HEy Love your blog.

    and i am KittyAdventures on McDougall

  11. Hi Annie. Welcome to the blog. You commented on an older post, which is great. There is a place tp post a comment on any day's post. I hope you enjoy the content, and feel free to post any questions at all.

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