Friday, November 12, 2010

Dr. McDougall's Free Lecture on MS and autoimmune diseases

At the top of this blog is a link to Dr. McDougall's lecture on MS and autoimmune diseases (like RA, Lupus etc.).  I would highly recommend that anybody who has not already seen this lecture do so.  It will open your eyes not only to the power of lifestyle medicine, but to facts that the drug companies would just as soon keep out of public view.  To paraphrase Dr. McDougall in this lecture, what the drug companies are doing with respect to MS is virtually criminal.

I personally know a person who has had MS for many years while showing no interest in lifestyle medicine.  I have watched him deteriorate from a strong and healthy person into a wheelchair bound cripple.  It is sad to think that he had a greater then 95% chance of complete remission with the knowledge available to, but dismissed by, the medical profession and the media.  In my recent TV appearance with Dr. McDougall, I sat next to a lady who was diagnosed with obvious MS seventeen years ago, and has had no further problems.  Her MRIs showed that the brain lesions have actually shrunk (but not a lot) and not grown any further.  Dr. McDougall explains how bad foods affect the blood-brain barrier and how this process can be stopped almost immediately.

There is also a touching story of one woman in the current Oregon medical school study who was not treated with diet because she was in the (untreated) control group.  She broke down in tears when she learned how well the treated (with diet) group was doing and how much unnecessary damage had been done to her nervous system during the clinical trial.

This is one of Dr. McDougall's best lectures ever.  If you don't like this one, you probably won't like any.  The lecture is relevant to general health, and not of interest only to sufferers of any of the tragic diseases discussed.

If you want reason to resist meat and dairy, or convince a loved one, just click the tab at the top for his lecture.  Once you understand the common etiology of these diseases, you are going to understand just how destructive these "foods" can be.


  1. does that mean one would have to give up dairy and certain meats? I love chicken baked in the oven. how would that handle?? confused.

  2. Monica,
    What people give up is a matter of their judgment. Dairy is probably worse than meat. It is designed to fatten a baby cow, which fattens much faster than humans. Most of us do not need foods that are designed to make us put on weight fast, as with a baby cow. Wouldn't it seem strange to eat deer milk or bat milk or other mammal milk? Why cow's milk? If you chart the incidence of western diseases, such as breast cancer, osteoporosis, etc. you find a virtual straight line correlation between these diseases and per capita milk consumption. If you would like a link on dairy, I could give you several.

    Meat is not required for nutrition either, and there are some clear dangers in it to both our health and the planet. It should be consumed infrequently if at all according to T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr.McDougall, Dr. Shintani, etc. etc.

    If you do this, you will find that your tastes change and within a month or so, you don't care for any meat at all. I used to love baked chicken, and now it is pretty revolting when I even smell it. And now I have all the health benefits of a healthy diet without meat and dairy. A good starter book if you are interested in this would be Dr. Campbell's book, The China Study. If you wanted to see Dr. Campbell speak, you could click the link to the Veg. Soc. of Hawaii, above, and search for his talk. He is a brilliant researcher who started his career advocating meat and wound up in the same place where Farley and I are on nutrition.

  3. Oh, I so heartily agree, Bob! I listened to Dr. M's lecture and it's excellent. I love to understand the biology and how the body actually does things -- soooooo amazing!

    It was Esselstyn's book that put the last straw on my haystack. Ordered it and the day it came I put it down. End of the day I thought I should at least look at it. By 2 am I finished the book and thought .. "I'm not really going to do this, am I?" the next day, I read the book again and began to rearrange things and jumped in cold turkey.

    And you're right, after a while, tastes change and the meat becomes repulsive.

    Another great benefit --- it's so easy to wash up the dishes and pans!!! None of that burned on, icky-sticky fat! LOL

  4. I drink skim milk and watch the other meats so i don't eat much of them, chicken baked in the oven is my fav. are there recipes I can see? thanks.

  5. Monica, Farley has published some recipes here, and will continue. The best cookbook I know of is contained within Dr. Esselstyn's book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. I wish I could tell you that eating what most people consider to be a moderate amount of skim milk, chicken, and other meats is worthwhile. But that is not what the evidence I see suggests. One thing Dr. Esselstyn insists that his patients abandon is the concept that "a little bit won't hurt." He has found that a little bit hurts tremendously. If you gave this plan a full fledged try for 30 days, you would really understand. After that, you wouldn't care about the milk, meat, and oil, because of how good you would feel. I got very sick on a diet of little meat and skim milk, and got healed with Dr. McDougall's diet.