Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 10

October 10 Lunch
This is the beginning of a fun time for Farley and a very busy time for me.  I will be doing the cooking for awhile.  A simple and quick lunch was in order.  Steamed vegetables over rice and greens is quick, simple, and easy -  not to mention nutritious.
Steamed veggies over rice and greens.
Farley did the dinner.  She was going to make the baked banana squash dish again, but found that the banana squash looked like it was past its prime.  With some creative thinking, she turned this negative into a positive and developed what is sure to be another favorite dish.

She hoped to have some other type of squash or large vegetable to cube and use in place of the banana squash - but no luck.  She did have some Japanese Sweet Potatoes, and simply cubed them and used them in place of the banana squash.  Usually, one type of starch can be substituted for another.

The finished dish was great, and the  Japanese Sweet Potatoes had a crunchy texture and an increased sweetness that was really tasty.  Here is what it looked like.
Cubing Japanese Sweet Potatoes

The finished dish 
Of Course, this was served over a large bed of greens and topped with a few walnuts.  I like it better than the banana squash version of the recipe.

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  1. I did much the same thing with some white-skinned purple sweet potatoes. The colors are a bit weird, but that taste is great.
    Thanks again for all the inspiration.
    Hope your busy time goes well!!