Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 6

October 6 food
A boring day for reports.  I was hungry this morning, so had a bowl of gluten free oatmeal with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.  I was not that hungry at lunch time, so had and early dinner at about 4 pm.  I have a picture, but you have seen it before.  Large bed of greens topped by last nights left overs and a Japanese sweet potato and walnuts and berries left over from breakfast.  Boring, but delicious because the food was whole and I was hungry.  I doubt that I will eat anything more today, but may if I get hungry.  I am definitely getting a better sense of my true hunger after focusing on this for the past few weeks.  I still have a trace of toxic hunger as my stomach empties, but it is soon replaced with a pleasant feeling.  I know that I won't have to be desperate for a meal.  It's a good feeling.

I am finding my reactions to toxic hunger and true hunger to be almost exactly as described by Dr. Fuhrman.


  1. I am very intriqued by your toxic hunger experiences. I have read Dr. Fuhrman's books, but I had the idea that toxic hunger happened when one was eating SAD foods. Your diet before this was certainly not SAD, and yet you were eating in response to toxic hunger? And now hardly at all?

    Do you believe that this change is because you view the "grumbly tummy" different, or a change in diet? This had really thrown me in the past, if my diet was on target then why the toxic hunger issues?

    This is so interesting, because I will read on the forums about some people who say they eat TONS of food (MWL usually) and as long as it is legal, they get down to low weights, low BMI, etc. Yet, then your experience was that even eating correctly, you simple were eating too much and your BMI remained a bit too high (with the blood sugars up, etc.) I suppose those with low BMI' were more in touch with true hunger? Not eating for emotional reasons?

    Very interesting blog and challenge, I'm glad you started it.

  2. Good eyes on picking up the onion being missing. The only reason that the onion is not in the new recipe is that I believe I have a problem with onions. Sometimes I do fine with them. But when I eat them too often, they upset my stomach. When I get time, I need to experiment with a few ways of preparing them to minimize the problem. Dr. Fuhrman talks about some tricks in this regard, and I need to try them. I love the taste of onions, and the dish probably tastes better then, and is better for you. Same with garlic.