Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct. 14

This has been a difficult week for me because Farley has been in Wisconsin and I have been playing Mr. Mom.  I have tremendous respect for everything my wife does for the family, but am acutely aware of how much she does when she is away and her work falls on me.  Thank goodness she is back.  I am a happy guy.  I will try to catch up on my meal posting and hopefully discuss a few more important topics for those trying to adopt this lifestyle.

October 14 Lunch

Not much need for explanation.  The pictures tell it all, and you have seen it before.  Simple.  What was exciting is my blood sugars which have been very low for me.  120, 96!, and 110.  I have not seen 96 in years.
I like carrots, zucchini and greens
Served in a bowl with rice and some almonds.  Add a sweet potato.
Dinner starts with greens and rice
Topped with some of Farley's chile and mushrooms


  1. Have you used the CRON-O-Meter program lately out of self-curiosiy to compared what your eating "now" to "then"? Your definately eating fewer calories, but by how much? Have the amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat really changed much? Just curious.

  2. Worfie,
    I don't use the CRON-O-Meter because I am convinced it is unnecessary when eating a whole food plant based diet. I also put a lot of stock in Dr. Campbell's thoughts on reductionist thinking. I think that there are more important things in food than we track in tools like the CRON-O-Meter. But I am convinced that Jeff knows what he is doing when he says it isn't needed to design a healthy food program.

    I am eating fewer calories, but I don't know how many fewer. What you see here is pretty much how I eat. The main difference is giving up breakfast, which is no big deal for me - feel better. Also not feeding toxic hunger.
    Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments on the board.

  3. I've looked at the CRON-O-Meter a few times because I read about it at the McD board and wondered what it was - too much work!

  4. I agree, Worfie. Not that it is too much work - but too much work for no benefit I can see.