Monday, October 31, 2011

October 30

Sunday was another busy day - too busy to take food pictures.  We all took a rolling session with instructor Dan Crandall in Lotus, Ca.  Here is a picture of or son, Charley, warming up for his session:
Charley rolling his kayak
If you are interested in viewing some photos of Charley running the Chile Bar rapids on the South Fork of the American River, you could see here.
Photos of Charley's run through Troublemaker rapid / Chile Bar

I put these here in case anybody thinks that being vegan would impair a child's health or make him a wimp.  Charley has been vegan his entire life.  As you can see, he is a healthy 6'4".  He is a straight A student, a black belt in karate, a school leader and a very happy and healthy boy.  As you can see from the photos, he has plenty of courage too, and everybody remarks on what a great kid we have.  I am totally proud.

We were up a bit late since we attended a dinner party the night before.  This is a dinner group that has been meeting on a rotating basis since 1977.  Nobody else eats like us, but it has not been a problem.  Others will eat our food, and they generally have at least one dish that works for us.  On this occasion, there was no food for us, so we just sat down to dinner and had time to talk and sip a glass of wine.  I say this because I have seen many people who seem compelled to eat bad food if it is put before them as the only option.  Farley and I both had a great time without eating, and I don't think anybody else was bothered by our not eating.  You never have to eat bad food to accommodate anybody else.  If you need to say something, just say that you are on a doctor (McDougall) prescribed strict diet.

Lunch and dinner were the same today.  We had the last of the chili leftovers with greens, rice, fresh bell pepper, and sweet potato.  When you are hungry, variety is not important, and the food always tastes great.

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