Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 27

I will get to lunch later.  But you may be interested in watching Dr. McDougall on TV or over the web.  When I taped an episode for Lifestyle Magazine last year, Dr. McDougall was taping a number of episodes.  They are starting to appear now on TBN network.  Don't worry if you didn't tape it or don't get TBN.  Once the shows air, they are available over the air.

The latest episode interviewed Dr. McDougall along with Drs. Matt Lederman and Alona Pulde.  It is a great episode, and you can view it here.

"It’s really very simple to get healthy and to stay that way, according to Drs. Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman. They’re the authors of Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole: Your Guide to Optimum Health. Dr. John McDougall joins the discussion."

The white beans and fresh celery were nice touches to todays lunch.  Other than that, I'm sure that the concept is familiar by now.  The  base is really a huge pile of chopped greens that practically fills the bowl by itself.
October 27 Lunch
Farley made her roast vegetable dish which made a great dinner.  She added brussel sprouts and included the cubed Japanese sweet potatoes, which made for a bit different flavor.
October 27 dinner
I'll start with my demerits - a glass of wine and some "lightly" salted pumpkin seeds which I ate while birding this morning.  My body let me know that they were in fact heavily salted, at least by my standards.  My bad on that one.

I have been thinking quite a bit about addiction lately.  Joel Fuhrman says that just about everybody in this country is addicted to food.  He makes a remark in his speech on the Get Healthy Now DVD that people often get angry with him, and he believes it is because he is perceived as a threat to people's addiction.  I think that the main reason that some people do not get healthy after attempting this diet is because of addiction to SAD food.

Food addiction is a lot different than most other addictions, however.  If you are addicted to illegal drugs, you can go to prison for your addiction.  If you are addicted to alcohol, you will be shunned by many in society.  For a second, I'd like to compare food addiction to methamphetamine addiction.

Both meth and food addictions can kill quite effectively, and ruin many lives.  But what if almost everybody in the country was on meth.  What if it were advertised legally on radio, TV, everywhere .  What if meth stores were on many corners and it could be obtained legally, and people exchanged their favorite recipes for cooking meth.  What if the government had meth organizations to promote its use?  You can see how everybody would react to the people that were saying it needed to stop.

If you have ever tried to deal with an addicted person, you see the problem.  Virtually everybody in this country is in fact addicted to foods that are harmful to them, their families and friends, the country, and the future.  I don't know of anybody who has gotten through the tough withdrawal period in trying to change their diet that has not been glad that they did it.  But it is very unpleasant for some during the transition.  It is a very tough problem, and in fact, it is very similar to trying to convert a meth addicted population to sobriety.  It will not be done without a lot of anger and protest.  Today's post is dedicated to those people who are in the process of turning their life around by learning to eat a healthy diet.  It is dedicated to those who are enduring unpleasant symptoms from withdrawing from the life sucking addiction that we call the Standard American Diet.  Good luck to you, and spread the word.

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