Sunday, October 9, 2011

October 8

This was a fun Saturday.  We woke up early and traveled to Heritage Oak Winery in Lodi, Ca.  Tom Hoffman, the owner and vintner, allows birders access to his beautiful property.  Amazingly, we were the only birders that turned out for naturalist David Yee's tour.  It was a spectacular autumn day and the birds were active.  A good walk for a few miles.  The best day for viewing warblers ever.

I look and feel so much better without 65 pounds of added fat.

I had two glasses of wine - I'll take the demerits and be happy.  The glass pictured was of the Chardonnay that I helped to harvest a few weeks ago.  It tasted like a hybrid of wine and apple cider.  Everybody loved it.  The other glass was one of my favorites - the reserve Cabernet.

We had a great picnic lunch at the winery.
October 8 Lunch Menu

Spinach greens

Rice and Sweet Potato Salad:
Brown rice
Japanese sweet potato
Steamed broccoli and cauliflower
Orange bell pepper
Red kidney beans

Dressing:  Balsamic Vinegar, spicy mustard, lime juice

Fruit Salad:
Fuji apples
Black berries
Blue Berries

Sorry, no food pictures.  After the birding and picnic, we returned home and had to hurry to get to our son's first marching band competition.  I grabbed some quick rice and greens.  When I returned home, it was late but I was truly hungry.  I had a quick mix of rice and warmed sweet potato.

Since there are no pictures of food for dinner, here is a photo of my son, who was the featured soloist playing trumpet on Stan Kenton's "Malaguena."  


  1. Great picture of your son and his trumpet. I loved band in high school and college, especially marching band and half-time performances. I was a baritone horn player. What's your instrument?

  2. Oh, and thanks for your blogging and great photos of food! I'm getting so much good out of your thoughts around the idea of "true hunger" and realizing that I am too often eating just because "it' time" and too often eating more than I need (or even want, sometimes!) just because "it's there". I work outside the home every day (one full time and one part time job) so I'm brown-bagging it a lot. It's a stuggle for me to find that line between packing too much and packing not enough. Your experiences are helping me find that line.

  3. Hi Gweithgar, and thanks for your comments. I too have loved playing music since I was a kid. I have played a lost of instruments. Right now I am playing trombone in the local college band and viola in the orchestra. I've also played trumpet, flute, and violin. But right now, most of my effort is on trombone. I would recommend that any adult dust off their instrument, or obtain one somehow, and play in a college or community band/orchestra. It's great fun and a chance to express yourself with music and meet others in the community.

  4. "I look and feel so much better without 65 pounds of added fat." - your right, you really are looking good!

    The photos of your meals are great - what colors! They all look delicious and not at all hard to make. Hope some more Mcdougaller's, those having problems with ideas of what to make/think it is hard to cook, pop on over to see how easy it is to whip up such beautiful looking meals.