Wednesday, October 12, 2011

October 11

October 11 Lunch
With plenty of leftovers and veggies in the refrigerator, Lunch is never a problem.  There is always brown rice and greens available too.  It is always easy to throw together a salad of all whole plant foods, and it always tastes good.  Here was todays, filled with familiar ingredients and leftover lentils/cauliflower/tomatoes from day before yesterday.

We are under the gun time wise for a week or so.  Luckily, eating healthy whole foods does not take too much time if you are prepared with warm brown rice, greens, and veggies and beens.  Here is what I threw together.
The grape tomatoes and fresh carrots were a nice addition.
veggies ready to go

An easy, tasty salad of whole plant foods

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  1. Another great looking meal - thanks for all of the work in posting. This photo has convinced me to go out and buy a head of cauliflower today for the lentil dish.