Monday, October 31, 2011

October 31

The end of the month and the end of my challenge.  Lunch was plain and not worth pictures.  Steamed veggies consisting of cauliflower, yellow pepper, white beans, zucchini  a few walnuts, and sweet potato with rice.  Dinner was similar, but a bit prettier with grape tomatoes.
Steamed veggies for final challenge meal.
My last supper of October
Final Thoughts
The month went by fast.  The last couple of months have been beneficial for me.  I have learned more about my hunger, lost some weight, saved some time by no longer eating breakfast, and improved my health a bit.  It has also been a good month for introducing others to healthy eating.  A friend has avoided surgery and resumed her active life.  Several others have asked Farley about the plan.  Several people here have benefitted.

The internet is an amazing place because it is possible to interact with just about anybody.  That is great when it comes to exposing people to Dr. McDougall's ideas.  The people who have participated here have all been wonderful - even those with whom I don't entirely agree.  I think that this October Challenge has been good in giving folks a view of what a whole foods plant based diet can look like, and convincing them that it is not some pie in the sky ideal that could never really work.  It has worked for Farley and I over the last 4 years, and it just keeps getting easier.

I may take a bit of a break for awhile, but will always check here if anybody has questions or ideas that they would like to discuss.  I do feel that I deserve a break.  I am intrigued by Dr. Fuhrman's discussion board.  I may sign up for awhile just to see what it is about.

When people are ready to get healthy, the information is available, and the books and DVDs from such people as Drs. McDougall, Esselstyn, Fuhrman, Novick,  Lisle, Barnard, etc. is plentiful.  For those who are not ready to get healthy, there will never be enough help available.  I hope that all the readers here are ready to get or continue being healthy.

But in the final analysis I would have to rate my person-to-person results and satisfaction way above my internet results and satisfaction.  I just can't deny that I am much more effective dealing face to face, and much happier too.  I want to think about that for awhile.

Finally, I have dedicated my efforts on this challenge to those who have helped me the most.  First, my wonderful wife, Farley.  There is no way to express my love for and gratitude towards her.  She is more than a life saver - she is a life giver.  Then I must thank and pay homage to the courageous health professionals who chose the good of their patients and the public over financial success and professional accord.  John McDougall, Jeff Novick, Caldwell Esselstyn, Joel Fuhrman.  In one hundred years, scientists and the public will be asking why people did not listen to these great men.  They will have to settle for the posthumous honor which will certainly come.  Perhaps the greatest thing that can be said of anybody here is that they made the world a better place.  Without a doubt, each of these men know that they have done this.  My personal thanks to each health professional that is on the team.  And thanks to everybody who has read and/or contributed to this blog.


  1. Thank you, Bob. You've taught me a lot about the value of "true hunger." Jeff Novick emphasizes keeping it simple. You and Farley gave me new insights into simple, healthful eating.

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  2. I know that a couple of times you hit new "low's" on the scale. How much did you lose during this month of whole plant foods? I really enjoyed your blog this past month and I look forward to future postings whenever they may occur.

  3. Liesl,
    I think that I lost about 5 pounds this month. Due to daily fluctuations, it is hard to tell. But I have been doing a whole plant food diet like this for 4 years now. Most of my progress lately has been from understanding my hunger. My belief is that if you eat correctly, regardless of hunger, you will reach a healthy weight. I am hoping that working on my hunger will get me to a more optimal weight. For me, weight is not the big deal, but just an indicator that I am eating correctly.

    Dougz - Thanks for the info and your participation.